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The Spring Edit

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If you're in the Southern Hemisphere, we're sorry. This blog post is not going to reflect the changing seasons for you. We still love Autumn though, and with the amount of sun most of you get all year round, this sunglass-centric blog post is likely still relevant. Never forget the Winter Sun!¬†ūüƧԳŹ¬†
We're starting to feel the warmer seasons approach here in Scotland, and it is glorious. We've had our friends at the lovely Irregular Sleep Pattern visit us and bring some colour back into the studio, and with Felix (hello!) shopping for shorts, you truly know Spring is coming. With all that said, the people need sunglasses! And I'm hoping to give a handy little guide for what it might be worth investing in. 
So what's in? 
Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking. 
All right Miranda Priestly. You may also be interested to know the 70s are back. You might have noticed a reemergence of platform boots, big eyewear, and bold shapes and patterns for the past little while. "The Serpent" probably has a lot to answer for, but 70s inspired eyewear and clothing has actually been trickling into fashion for the past few years. The 80s are fading out of popularity (again), and we're welcoming the 60s and 70s back in lieu. 
Shall I go routing in the attic for clothes then? 
Perhaps. But unless you've been keeping your frames in a vintage archive like we have, you might find your specs from the 70s do still need a refresh for 2021. Now that's established, shall we have a look at the frames? 
Big and Square
Big, bold, squared off frames are very much in Vogue again. If you're looking for this oversized look, Caroline Abram and Nathalie Blanc are the ones to beat for 70s (and general) glam. 
Caroline Abram Edna Frame
Bold and Rich Colours 
You'll be finding the eyewear around you is exploding with colour and richness. Even your typical tort frames are seeing a vibrancy boost being applied to them. With richer hues and gorgeous saturated colours, you can find adding a splash of colour to be very popular.  
Jacques Marie Mage Molino Argyle
Hello Geo
Geometric shapes are back in a big way. Hexagonal, Octagonal, every-agonal is back and we are living for it. Our favourite take? Rigards have perfectly imbued the 70s with their Octagonal frame. And with rouge lenses? Don't mind if we do. 
Rigards RG0088ST The Octagon
Even better news? We're still more than happy to change frames from optical to sun (and vice versa) for our clients. Need a prescription put in as well? Just let us know and we can discuss lenses with you. 
So what are you going to choose? Pop us a message if you need help choosing! Otherwise, we hope you enjoy the sunshine and love shade shopping! 

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