Our Clients: Introducing Andrew Dickson Music

Our Clients: Introducing Andrew Dickson Music

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First, we must say congratulations to Andrew! His new single "Take Your Time" was released to the world today, and is available for all ears everywhere. 
Andrew has been coming to Niche for a number of years now, and has worn Niche own frames, as well as develop an extensive Jacques Marie Mage collection. We recently had a sit down with Andrew to discuss his new music. 

So Andrew, why don't you introduce yourself? 

I am a Glaswegian, based in Glasgow/London.
Myself and my band in non Covid times play gigs in Glasgow and Edinburgh
including regular gigs at SWG3 Poetry Club

Lovely Stuff! Let's talk about the track. When did you first dream of this track?  

The track was written prior to the first Lockdown back in April 2020 and came to life in November of the same year in Snap Studios in London. It was such a Joy and Privilege to create a track in Snap Studios. I produce and perform all the instruments on my tracks- so the environment in which I am working in has a massive impact on the overall vibe. Also working in the same studio where Liam Gallagher recorded "As You Were" was pretty mind-blowing.

Lockdown must have been a blessing and a curse for your music writing. We hear from a lot of musicians that it provided a lot of time for writing new music, but it could also be quite a lonely experience. How was it for yourself? 

Yeh I think it was exactly that. I did get quite a lot of writing done but at the same time it was kind of strange because I wasn't sure when any of this was going to be able to be performed Infront of an audience. The Lockdown did allow me to play guitar 24/7 so that was pretty ideal. 

How does it feel to see things slowly start to open up again? You must be excited to get back to live performing again! 

Yeh for sure, I am dying to feel the energy of a live gig again. My first Gig back is set to be Country to Country Festival at the hydro supporting Luke Combs. So it is just a waiting game to see when it will be re-scheduled for.


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