Niche Bazaar Studio Welcomes Dita into the fold

Niche Bazaar Studio Welcomes Dita into the fold

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With our focus on providing the best eyewear from every corner of the globe, Niche is delighted to introduce Dita to our running collections. You might have spotted the occasional piece being available through our vintage archive, however we are excited to bring a much broader collection of their more recent designs into our clients' view.

Handcrafted in Japan and made by craftsmen who have worked with the brand for decades, Dita has a deep devotion to high quality materials, bold designs, and minimal ornamentation. 

Niche and Dita both aim to focus on the individual when creating frames. We both wish to furnish clients with eyewear that makes them stand out from the crowd, and reflect their individuality. There's no space for wallflowers with Dita, and even their most classic of frame shapes exude individuality in the details. 


With much of their work being made from titanium, each piece is highly durable and refined, with details in the construction being truly show-stopping. 


To help introduce the brand, we thought it would be best to show one of our favourite campaigns from them. If you wish to get an idea of who Dita are, this will certainly leave a lasting impression.  

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