Can I have prescription lenses in my new eyewear?

Yes, please forward a copy or photograph of your current and valid prescription (usually within two years) and we review, advise and quote accordingly.

Prescription lenses will be an additional cost and vary according to requirements.

What is a Demo lens?

You may have seen that some products on have a 'demo lens'. This is a clear lens for demonstration purposes. 

Do you offer custom lenses and tints?

Of course, we pride ourselves on creating custom pieces that suit your personality and style. Please get in touch via if you'd like us to quote for something special. 

How much will prescription lenses or custom tints cost on top of the displayed price?

This will vary according to requirements, please contact us at and we will be happy to provide you with a quote

The model I want is currently unavailable or not featured on your site, is it possible to order?

Yes, in this instance we will reach out to our partner(s) to establish availability and estimated delivery date.

Are all your collections available online?

We have exclusive collections in-store, which are not online. Again, if there is something you desire, please drop us an email to and we do our best to accommodate. 

When will my product arrive?

See shipping policy for full details.