Shopping from outside the UK: A post Brexit Guide to shopping with Nic

Shopping from outside the UK: A post Brexit Guide to shopping with Niche

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Thanks to Brexit, shopping with your favourite UK businesses might feel a bit more complex. Although we dearly miss being a part of the EU, we're hear to help ease any concerns our clients have. 


Are the prices on your website including VAT/Tax? 

If you are shopping with us in the UK, then yes. If you are shopping with us outside of the UK, then no.  


Our website automatically removes the 20% VAT when being viewed outside of the UK, so our international clients will always see the price excluding VAT/Tax. 


So I don't have to pay taxes when shopping with you? 

You don't have to pay UK taxes when shopping with us outside of the UK, however you will have to pay any import fees applied by the country you reside in. This will vary by country and state, so we are not able to provide an estimate. It will typically be the same percentage you pay on local goods however. So if you pay 5% tax where you are located, you will likely be charged a 5% import fee on the cost of the goods. 


Do I get a tax refund when shopping with you? 

No. Because we do not charge VAT/Tax on orders outside of the UK, there is no tax to refund. The price you are seeing on the website will be excluding VAT/Tax, and you may have to pay your local tax rate once the goods have been delivered to you. 


Will I definitely have to pay import fees for my order? 

Most likely. Sometimes our clients find they are not charged any additional fees. Sometimes they do have to pay their local tax rate. It depends on the country and the local import offices. 


Will you refund any import fees I am charged? 

As much as we would love to show the cost including international tax for our clients, this is not feasible. This is because it varies greatly between countries and orders. 


Unfortunately we are unable to predict or refund import fees charged once orders arrive in our clients' local countries.  


So nothing has really changed? 

Exactly! It's the same experience if you were outside of Europe before Brexit, and Europe now goes through the same process as the rest of the world. Although we miss being a part of the EU here at Niche, we're pleased that our international clients can still shop with us happily. 



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