The Hatfield: Available Now in Limited Quantities

The Hatfield: Available Now in Limited Quantities

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Jacques Marie Mage (JMM) is proud to present the newest series of limited edition eyewear made in collaboration with Yellowstone Forever, the official nonprofit partner of Yellowstone National Park. 


Hatfield Sunglasses by Jacques Marie Mage

An expression of the company’s continued commitment to supporting the health of America’s wilderness, JMM hopes to raise awareness of the many conservation issues that affect Yellowstone, and help ensure the park and its wildlife remain healthy and accessible for generations to come. 
Yellowstone as seen through the lenses of Hatfield by Jacques Marie Mage


The first national park on earth, Yellowstone (est. 1872) helped to define the concept of public land and sparked a worldwide national park movement. Today, the park famous for its bubbling mud pots and explosive steam geysers is still one of the most celebrated and widely visited parks in the country. With Yellowstone Forever, it has also been at the forefront of restoring wolf and bison to the area — two keystone species whose historic populations had, by the early 20th century, been decimated. 


The brand’s admiration of these keystone species—and their essential relationship to the indigenous plants, animals, and people of the region—have long been at the core of the Jacques Marie Mage mission. Founder Jerome Mage drew particular inspiration from his time watching and learning about the park’s wolf packs, highly social and cooperative animals whose success depends on working as a team.
JMM Hatfield and case


The collaboration with Yellowstone Forever consists the “Fellini Sage,” a  homage to aromatic subshrubs growing along Wyoming’s alluvial basin; and the “Hatfield Brush,” a testament to the wild tallgrasses of the prairie. 


All styles are handcrafted in Japan using a combination of traditional techniques and cutting edge technologies, implementing sustainable practices throughout the production process to responsibly create these sophisticated collectibles. They feature JMM’s signature wirecore temples, as well as polarized glass lenses that protect (UVA/UVB), soften, and clarify. 

The accompanying custom eyewear case is handcrafted in Italy using Veg-Tan leather and felt, and the micro-fiber cloth is made with recycled polyethylene terephthalate (P.E.T.) fabric featuring a unique Yellowstone-themed print. Additionally, all packaging for the glasses, cloth, and company literature are made of recyclable materials. 


With only one of each frame available at Niche Bazaar Studio and the Fellini already reserved, this collection is certainly one not to miss. 


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