Res Rei: In store for years, now available online

Res Rei: In store for years, now available online

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Res Rei is a favorite at Niche Bazaar Studio and Niche Optical Tailor, and is a brand we enjoy greatly. Handmade in Italy with love, each frame is created by a passionate team of artisans. When asked about their manufacturing process, Res Rei said: 
"It is important to understand that technology itself is not enough to make quality frames: the human touch is necessary. It’s the people who design and manufacture, step by step, our frames that make this possibile. Each of our glasses is the result of a know-how that is passed from one generation to another, year after year."
Wanting a quick highlight for the brand? Here are our top 3 reasons for loving Res Rei:
1. Their custom acetate. Res Rei frames are made from their own Mazzucchelli acetate. Each acetate pattern and colour blend is exclusive to Res Rei and will not be found anywhere else. This makes Res Rei and their frames truly unique. 
Res Rei Illustration of different acetate samples
2. Balance. How well balanced are your frames? Res Rei utilise their knowledge and machinery to perfectly balance the weight distribution of their frames so the fit is as comfortable as possible. 
Res Rei Illustration of Frame Creation
3. Eco-Conscious. For every 1000 frames, Res Rei plant a tree in order to combat their CO2 footprint. With Res Rei already limiting their acetate and manufacturing waste, we are delighted to support and stock such an environmentally conscious brand. 
Res Rei Tree Planting Illustration
Keen to view the full collection? Follow the link here and enjoy. We're sure you are going to love it. 

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