La Loop | The Camilla | Satin Gold
La Loop | The Camilla | Satin Gold - Niche Bazaar Studio

La Loop | The Camilla | Satin Gold

LA LOOP was a new category of accessory that merged the elegant
clean lines of a necklace with a simple silver circle crafted to hold glasses. Back in 1999 in the NYC Jewellery District, they developed these magical swivelling hinges at the top of the loop that rotate 360 degrees. When you combine the loop, the hinges, and gravity, it allows you and your glasses to move freely without them falling out. This sleek and functional design proved to be so innovative that it earned the company a utility and design patent, making LA LOOP the original necklace for eyewear.

Maximum Style: Rolo Chain with Loop

    • Collection: Classics
    • Satin Gold Mini  Chain
    • LOOP features an e-coat to resist tarnish and discoloration
    • Patented LOOP design with 360 degree swivel hinges ensures that glasses stay put as you move around
    • Length: 25”
    • Assembled in the US