Eyevan 329 301
Eyevan 7285 | 329 | c.301 - Niche Bazaar Studio

Eyevan 7285 | 329 | c.301

This model has the 3 dots hinges inspired by MA-1 (Military wear) zipper part manufactured in the 1960s which is an iconic part of EYEVAN 7285.

In order to support a very thick temple, while using 3 dot pins, the pins got different sizes to reduce the hinge area that is considered in 0.1 mm unit. In addition, the temple core is a newly added icon which has a stripe pattern engraving arranged on EYEVAN 7285 aluminium case.

In contrast to the thick front view inspired by the 1950’s, the fabric is minimise to 5mm thickness to produce a proper balance.Rough and significant image of the first design by hand-drawing is purposely remained, and classical and original lens shape is its characteristic.

EYE: 49mm

BRIDGE: 24mm

TEMPLE: 145mm