The Year of the Ox

The Year of the Ox

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Kunghei fatchoy to all of our clients celebrating Chinese New Year! For those who are born in the Year of The Ox, there is said to be a strong nature of working hard, trustworthiness, and heart. Blue, yellow, and green are also said to be very lucky colours for the Ox.
We're wishing all our clients celebrating a wonderful time filled with as much joy and prosperity as possible. To help celebrate Chinese New Year in our own way, we also wanted to highlight the exceptional work of our friends at Rigards

Rigards frames are crafted by hand in a small workshop in Hong Kong. With every frame being made by hand with finishes such as tsuchime, elusive patinas, or being carved from buffalo horn and wood, each frame is truly a standout piece from the team. 
With Rigards new 2021 collection now being available in-store and online at Niche, we are excited to see more clients come and experience Rigards and their craftsmanship. 

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