Let's Talk About "I Care a Lot"

Let's Talk About "I Care a Lot"

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Rosamund Pike. That's the blog post. 


Just Kidding! But how amazing was I Care a Lot? Available on Netflix pretty much everywhere, it stars Rosamund Pike as a conspiring legal guardian who tries to coerce the wrong woman. No spoilers here, but let's talk spectacles. 


Throughout the movie, Rosamund Pike wears a Garrett Leight staple; The Hampton in Champagne. 


With Garrett being a true icon of California eyewear, there's a piece perfect for every face. Just a warning though: if you want to live your true Rosamund French Vanilla Fantasy, then you best be quick in snapping up the Hampton. With only one Champagne version left in store with us now, we don't think it is going to last long. 


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