Filters Features Galore!
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Filters Features Galore!

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We've been doing a bit of a spring clean at Niche Bazaar Studio. We've repainted the studio, touched up the floor, and revamped our frame displays. In addition to this, we've also decided to add some new filters and features to the website. 


You might notice we now have Optical and Sun collections featuring much more prominently in our menu bar, and you'll also find Joy of Spex has been reintroduced to the menu bar as well! We're hoping this refresh makes shopping with us even more enjoyable. 


We've also added some new filters within the optical and sun collection, as per popular request! You can now filter by brand within the optical/sun pages, and filter by optical/sun within the brand pages!


We've also added Men, Women, and They/Them to our filter options due to popular demand. We always want to be as inclusive a brand as possible and intentionally didn't gender our frames for a long time. If our clients have feedback on how we can improve upon this, then please do let us know! 


We hope these new tools make the website more enjoyable and convenient to navigate. Let us know your thoughts and feedback, and we'll be happy to help! 

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