What Happens When You Order With Niche

What Happens When You Order With Niche

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Ordering eyewear online is quite a new experience for many people. After all, you often need to consider the style and fit, all without actually feeling and trying on the product. Even when bought online people typically still head into a local optician for lenses for their new frames too. With over 20 years of experience as an opticians, we're keen to lay out what happens when you shop with us online. 
The Browsing: 
Looking at a Jacques Marie Mage and want to chat details? Or perhaps you're not even sure where to start browsing. We're here to help via chat, email, or phone (depending on your location). We can offer styling advice, and do adjustments to your frame before being sent in order to get a better fit out of the box. Ryan, myself (Felix), and the wider team are all available to discuss the best frame for you. 
Buying your Perfect Frame: 
Decided on the perfect frame? Fabulous! If you need prescription lenses, we can arrange this before sending out your frame. Once we have a copy of your prescription, we can discuss your lens options and find the best option for you. We primarily use Essilor lenses, which are some of the highest quality available. Whether you need lenses for long periods in front of the computer, lenses for indoor and sun use, or for a boat expedition through the Atlantic, we have recommendations for you. 
If desired, we also offer custom tinting on lenses. Whether you are wanting a subtle tint in your everyday frame, or want a specific shade in your sunglasses, we can accommodate this for you. 
So what happens when I buy my glasses exactly? 
If you don't require new lenses with your purchase, I (Felix) will be the one to package and arrange the courier for your order. We inspect each frame before being sent out, and every order is sent with a thank you card written by myself. If you have given us an idea of your current frame size, we will also make minor adjustments to the frame before sending it out. This is to ensure the frame is as comfortable as possible straight out of the box. 
If you are needing lenses, either us at Niche Bazaar Studio or our lovely sister store Niche Optical Tailor will trace and order the lenses for you. We then place them in your frame once they have arrived and arrange the order to be shipped to you 📬
How do I look? 
Fabulous darling! Once you have your shiny new spectacles, we would love to be sent a selfie. You can tag us on Instagram, Facebook, and even @ us on TikTok (although we're still getting used to that one). 
Can I leave a review? 
Absolutely! Here's a link to our Trustpilot. We also email a review request after every purchase, so there are plenty of opportunities to leave us a review. 



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