A Quick Guide on Transition Lenses

A Quick Guide on Transition Lenses

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Photochromic lenses, or "Transition Lenses" as they are commonly called, have been around since the 1960s. First developed by William H. Armistead, photochromic lenses have come a long way in the past 60 years. 
Photochromic vs Transition. What's the difference?
Transition lenses are a specific brand of photochromic lenses. We exclusively use Esillor for our photochromic lenses, who call them Transitions®. 
Aren't Transition Lenses really slow to change? 
Not at all! The technology has come a long way, and you often find they begin to change immediately to exposure to UV light and absence of it. Because Transition lenses offer a variable tint, there's no specific time given for them to change. This also means that you never have to worry about the tint being too dark or too light. They will always adjust to the amount of sunlight you are in.
Are There Different Kinds of Transition Lenses? 
There are indeed. However, we are here to help find the right one for you. If you find yourself driving a lot, then we might recommend the XTRACTIVE range. Car windshields block a lot of UV light, so the XTRACTIVE is best as it still changes when worn behind a windshield. 

Alternatively, if you are looking for a specific colour or style we might recommend Style Colours or Style Mirrors. With both Ryan and myself (Felix) wearing Transition lenses, you will certainly be speaking to knowledgeable fans of them.   

Different Types of Transition Lenses

Why Should I Get Transition Lenses? 
Transition lenses are something everyone would benefit from from an eye health perspective. Because of the variable tint, they help reduce harmful exposure to UV light. They can also help avoid the need for carrying prescription sunglasses and swapping between two frames as often. I (Felix) personally wear them for this exact reason in one of my Rigards frames. 

How Do I Ask More About Transition Lenses? 
You can send us an email to hello@nichebazaarstudio.com or speak to us via Instagram and Messenger. We're always happy to answer any queries you might have about different lens options and frames. 

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