Eyevan 800 1004
Eyevan 7285 | 800 | c.1004 - Niche Bazaar Studio

Eyevan 7285 | 800 | c.1004

The first collapsible model from the EYEVAN 7285 brand. Sliding temples, which are usually used for reading glasses, are uniquely adapted to the model. This made it possible to solve the weakness of the collapsible temple, which is the short length of the temples and maximised its length up to 142mm (Plain scale 145mm).

Every part is made with titanium and β-titanium and created by originally designed mould especially made for this eyewear. The model is available as reading glasses [800] and sunglasses [801] with a compact aluminium case that is uniquely designed to place collapsible glasses.

EYE: 40mm

BRIDGE: 23mm

TEMPLE: 142mm