Eyevan 307E 201
Все посылки в настоящее время отправляются частным курьером для обеспечения скорости, безопасности и надежности.
Eyevan | 307E | 201 - Niche Bazaar Studio

Eyevan | 307E | 201

This model is based on the prototype produced in early 90’s. With a technical gimmick making difference in level on the face, on the side and on the back of the front, this frame looks like a Sirmont frame. Furthermore, there is difference in level at backside of end-piece to fix a hinge with a rivet. This model is made with consolidated technologies of Japan. “307”, the simple model in a same lens shape without difference in level, is also available.

EYE: 47mm

BRIDGE: 22mm

TEMPLE: 140mm