Introducing The George Cortina Collection

Introducing The George Cortina Collection

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George Cortina has once again partnered with Jacques Marie Mage for a new and exclusive collection. Inspired by traditional aviator shapes, the Cortina features Jacques Mare Mage's signature Japanese acetate in a modern and military-esque shape with vibrant colours. 


This exclusive collaboration is limited to 100 pieces worldwide. So what colour takes your fancy? Choose wisely. There might never be another chance to grab one of these special pieces. 


"The scales have tipped in your favor, for you’ve acquired one of the necessary accoutrements of any polished provocateur: limited-edition aviators designed by Jacques Marie Mage and celebrated fashion editor George Cortina. Handcrafted in Japan with astonishing attention to artisanship, these collectibles represent a sophisticated mix of elegance and attitude."

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