The Studio: An icon at SWG3

The Studio: An icon at SWG3

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Surrounded by artists, culinary creatives, and perfumers, the studio is part of a thriving scene at SWG3


Hosting some of the hottest gigs all year round, SWG3 is a melting pot of famous (and soon to be famous) artists performing in a variety of settings. With expansive warehouses and concrete plains, SWG3 has a variety of settings for performances, which the studio has the luxury of viewing over. 


Knowing all of this about SWG3, it becomes clear why Niche chose this as the home of the studio. As a design space first and foremost, the surroundings present plenty of creative faces and places to help draw inspiration for the next collection Brenda is developing. And for those lucky enough to visit, it provides an equally gorgeous settings for private styling appointments. 

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