Getting Ready for Good Omens Season 2

Getting Ready for Good Omens Season 2

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If you're a Neil Gaiman fan or a fan of Good Omens, then you're in the right place. With Good Omens Season 2 being filmed right on our doorstep, we've been eagerly anticipating sneak peaks from the set and details of what is to come. 
Good Omens Season 2 Cast photo with David Tennant // Crowley wearing Rigards Sunglasses
Luckily for us (and for fans of the show), some teaser images have been released! Neil Gaiman posted some behind the scenes photos on his Instagram that indeed showed Crowley sporting some new sunglasses. 
Crowley now wears Rigards RG00UW1 according to the photos posted. The Stone Eclipse is an idea piece for hiding those flaming red eyes, but we wonder what other glasses might feature in scenes to come... 
I guess if we were to tell you that, we might be giving away some spoilers too! 
Keep an eye on the blog if you do want to hear more, and we can't wait for more to be revealed! 

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