LA MASK | Black Stretch
LaMask | Black Stretch - Niche Bazaar Studio

LaMask | Black Stretch

LA MASK is the stylish answer to keeping your protective gear close. Never lose your mask again with this beautiful necklace. LA MASK is uniquely designed with a simple clasp not only to hold your mask, but to be a beautiful accessory for any day when no mask is needed. Simply clasp LA MASK and slide the clasps to the back for a seamless piece of jewelry. Stretch Cords have been sturdy, sporty, and good looking members of the LA LOOP family for years, made for the outdoors and indoors alike--now serving as a simple solution to keep your mask close at hand.
  • Collection: LA MASK
  • Assembled by hand in Los Angeles
  • Clasps have a polished silver plating
  • 25” total length