Caroline Abram: Bold, Colourful and Feminine.

Caroline Abram: Bold, Colourful and Feminine.


Caroline Abram, a designer who first trained for years as an optician, began to tire at what she thought was a lack of fun through eyewear – combatting this through the creation of jewels and accessories for her glasses. Her designs consisted of items such as lorgnettes, magnifying glasses and chains. By reviving the less popular accessories such as the lorgnettes, Abram was propelled to international success for her unique take on the market.


Miami Beach Landscape

In 2008, after discovering a certain charm to the coastal metropolis of Miami, Abram launched her own line of eyewear. Inspired by the city’s vintage 60s influences, she sought to weave that into the aesthetic of her brand.


After receiving four SILMO awards, Caroline Abram opened its first workshop for craft manufacturing in Dakar – a city of great importance to Abram as it was where she was raised. Here, the designer trained women who have now been manufacturing eyewear for over a decade– breeding an ethos of glasses made by women for women. With a cat-eye shape, bold colours and extreme femininity, all Caroline Abram glasses and accessories are intended for anyone who wants to feel beautiful, sensual, and just themselves.


Têtes a Lunettes

 In 2014, after being asked repeatedly if she designs   smaller products for children, Abram finally decided to   launch her own kids brand of eyewear – Têtes a   Lunettes,  which was rewarded with a SILMO award in   its  first year for best kids’ designer.



Blush Dzing

Abram’s latest collection introduces her colourful & highly individual style to a more affordable market than her mainline products - while also being exclusively produced in France. The collection, aptly named Blush as the frames as inspired blush on cheeks, adding a breath of fresh air to the wearers face. This collection is perfect for people who want to have that bold, feminine, and colourful look at an affordable price – bridging the gap between Abram’s two current mainstay collections. At any point in life, women now have a Caroline Abram frame to for them.

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