Jacques Marie Mage: Some Stretch of the West
Все посылки в настоящее время отправляются частным курьером для обеспечения скорости, безопасности и надежности.

Jacques Marie Mage: Some Stretch of the West

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Jacques Marie Mage | Walker | Noir


"Let your fences down, loosen the lines, hum a song that fetches tears.
Soften your saddle, release your fears, roam the range beyond the divide.
Plan your paths, part your ways, remember youth is a lonesome bride.
Plant yourself in some stretch of West, where the sun hangs low and wide."


Jacques Marie Mage | Squeeze | Emerald


Jacques Marie Mage starts their Winter 2020 collection with these words. With bold 70s inspired shapes such as Squeeze and others inspired by designers such as Brionvega, there are many different influences that shine within this collection. 


Jacques Marie Mage | Brion | Silver


With some pieces limited to 200 globally, the demand has already proven strong for this new collection. 




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