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Ocelot Chocolate - Femme - Niche Bazaar Studio

Ocelot Chocolate - Femme

An exceptional organic dark milk chocolate, made from rare Amelonado cocoa beans grown by a pioneering women’s cooperative in Eastern Congo, and the rich milk of Swiss Brown cows that Graze in small herds on lush mountain pastures.


Handmade, designed and packaged in a micro chocolate factory in Edinburgh, Scotland.

All packaging plastic-free and made in the UK. Outer packaging is printed on FSC certified sustainable card. Inner film is certified home and industrial compostable.


Ingredients: organic cocoa mass, organic raw unrefined cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic whole milk powder


Delivering to somewhere warmer? Ocelot chocolate is made in the U.K, and therefore has no ingredients to help raise its melting point. If you are ordering to a warmer climate, it may start melting before it reaches you. 

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