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HBOs popular dark comedy “Succession” has been universally enjoyed since the release of its first season in 2018. Now in the shows fourth and final season, fans are eagerly anticipating the dramatic crescendo. The infamous Roy clan are the epitome of wealth whispers, foregoing any flashy designer pieces, in place of understated luxury. We, however, have noted the steady increase of one brand across these later seasons - Jacques Marie Mage.


Introducing the intense second son of the Roy family, Kendall - who notably, who appeared in both a JMM Brion as well as a Molino in Succession’s third series. This is no coincidence; but rather an incredibly intentional decision by one man. Jeremy Strong, actor & long-time fan of Jacques Marie Mage, is notorious for his method acting approach to characterisation – and his take on Kendall was no different. Envisioning what he imagined a billionaire business exec wearing, Strong felt heartily that Jacques Marie Mage had to be incorporated; noting that wearing the frames is “The quickest way to look famous”.
JMM Succession Biron          JMM Succession Molino
  Brion in season 3 ep 3 –            Molino in season 3 ep 9 –
  "The Disruption"                        “All the Bells Say”

After their inclusion in Season 3, Strong embarked on an even more personal collaboration with brand. Reaching out to Jerome Jacques Marie Mage himself, Strong propositioned the designer with the concept of a one-of-a-kind frame for Kendall Roy. 

The outcome? JMM revived the retire RIPLEY model at the person bequest of Strong. The distinctive frame was inspired by the novel “The Talented Mr Ripley”, the frame was designed to induce a sense of sophistication & wealth – much like the eponymous fraudster attempts to do throughout the story. There is a sense of mirroring to Kendall’s character, whose constant strive to emulate his father comes a cost.

However, while the model may have been existing, JMM incorporated an entirely new colourway for the frame in the form of London – a crystal brown acetate with orange lenses. These sunglasses, totally unique to the character were aptly titled “The Ripley for K.L.R” – the initials engraved into the temples for none other than Kendall Logan Roy.


JMM Succession Ripley          JMM Jeremy Strong 
RIPLEY in season 4 Ep 1            Jacques Marie Mage Instagram
“The Munsters”                         The Ripley in London
Having donned both a ZEPHIRIN in Juniper as well as WALKER in Black Fade in following episodes, it is safe to say that Kendall & Jeremy have it least one thing in common – both are solidified Jacques Marie Mage enthusiasts. In an interview with GQ’s “Things I Can’t Live Without” segment, Strong admitted to stealing the eyewear from the Succession set… and we say, who can blame him?
JMM Succession Zephrine         JMM Succession Walker
zephrine in season 4 ep 3           Walker in season 4 ep 4
Connor’s Wedding”                “Honeymoon States

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