Jacques Marie Mage Homage to Jazz

Jacques Marie Mage Homage to Jazz

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JMM Blue Note HerbieMusic is famously a starting point for countless creative   endeavours.For designer Jacques Marie Mage, no genre    more so than jazz has been so influential is this newest    limited-edition collection. Celebrating one of the most prolific      and influential jazz labels in the history of modern music;    Jacques Marie Mage welcomes its collaboration with none    other than Blue Note Records.

JMM Blue Note HerbieFounded in 1936 by Alfred Lion and Max Margulis, Blue Note Records, the New York label is a staple in the jazz scene. While having recorded a plethora of genres, including swing, cool & hard bop; it is most famous for its aforementioned jazz records. Miles Davis, J.J Johnston, Sonny Rollins, Lee Moragan, Wayne Shorter, Art Blackey; there is no shortage of jazz icons that have walked through the halls of Blue Note Records, enthralled by the unique sound that could be produced at the label. Much of these thanks could be lent to the equally talented folks who worked there.


JMM Blue Note HerbieIn this collaboration, Jacques Marie Mage encapsulates the magic of Blue Note records by playing homage to one of its most historic jazz icons, Herbie Hancock. Making music for over six decades, Herbie as had a monumental career; receiving 22 Grammys, his first was in 1975 for best Pop instrumental performance. His most recent achievement being the lifetime achievement award that he won at the Grammys in 2016, which is the most prestigious award for Herbie's outstanding contribution to the music industry. The frame is inspired by the glasses worn by Herbie in his first solo album “Takin Off” released in 1962, which introduced listeners to his unmistakable talent.


JMM Blue Note Herbie

The frames in the collection are eponymously named “Herbie” after the singer. They bring a fresh lease of life to the original    glasses that Herbie wore in the Takin off cover, designed to capture the essence of style while also reinitiating the frames through modern lenses. They also have an intuitive ensemble of strong composition and inventive arrangement, like Herbie’s music. 




The packaging for theses specs is also unique as it has a limited-edition blue box to reflect the collaboration with Blue Note Records.

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