Check Out The New Jacques Marie Mage Tribute To the 70s

Check Out The New Jacques Marie Mage Tribute To the 70s

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Euphoria, Jacques Marie Mage’s latest collection, pays homage to the bold and lofty visions of the 70s. A decade celebrated for its flamboyance, it serves as a prominent inspiration for the brand’s newest range of sunglasses - harkening back to the style, in our modern age.


Euphoria 70s fashion

The sensual 70s is best remembered for the rise of disco and bold, brightly coloured clothing. The popular fashion of the era included bell bottoms, tie dye, chokers, and jewellery made from wood, stones, and feathers. These daring & audacious styles directly inspire the grand shapes we see in the frames, paired with eye-catching colours for total maximalism. Music was a clear contributor to the design, which is commonplace in Jacques Marie Mage collections. Euphoria is no different, with the rise of disco and the popularity the rock genre, there was plentiful inspiration for the brand to draw from.

 This new collection includes 5 new limited-edition sunglasses, that are equal parts bold, and unique. Each frame has a distinct shape, uses luxuriant materials, and encompasses carefully curated colours.


JMM Euphoria Slade
The Slade is their cat-eye shaped frames inspired by the music   legends and 70s rock band SLADE. It’s sophisticated, sleek,   and splashy style is what makes this product stand out. With a  wraparound design featuring generously sculpted brows and new temple-tip eyelet, this item is very chic.
JMM Euphoria Ultravox


 Ultravox an oversized, sculptural, super 70s inspired   design. With an abundance of mettle and 70s   supermodel mystique, these fearless frames are known   for making an entrance. Do you dare to display this dramatic maximalist piece?


JMM Euphoria Runaway


Runaway an exploration in volume, featuring a deeply bevelled tv-shaped lens and sculptural temples. These frames speak seriously strong volumes and with bold lenses, these 70s inspired specs speak of the elegance earned over time and confidence that was earned though accomplishment.


JMM Euphoria Doll


Doll these shades allow you to have it all at the galaxy ball, including a starry-eyed lust for life. These are light years ahead of its time with beautiful lines and playful volumes that defines this 70s inspired frames.


JMM Euphoria Whitesnake


White Snake the oversized, edgy, and glam rock style offers a glimpse into the 70s disco days. It’s expressive in invoking the ritzy elitism and in-you face eroticism that defines the golden age of NYC night life.



The ethos of Euphoria is about embracing the spirt and transformative period of the 70s, with the era redefining femininity and introducing freelove. Utilising a mix of elegance & opulence to create a unique visual language for women’s eyewear, these specs are daring, bright, and eccentric.

Jacques Marie Mage

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