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La Loop | Mixed Metal Chain - Niche Bazaar Studio

La Loop | Mixed Metal Chain

A LA LOOP necklace lives within a unique category of accessory that merges the elegant clean lines of a necklace with a simple silver circle crafted to hold glasses. This piece was designed for those who seek something fresh, fun, and forward in their everyday look, and the mixed metal finish is perfect for those days you want the best of the silver and gold worlds.

- Collection: Essentials
- Assembled by hand in New York
- Patented loop design with magical hinges that swivel 360 degrees, ensuring your glasses stay in the loop as you move around
- Loop and chain have silver and gold flash plating, with a lacquer finish for shine and longevity
- 25” total length; loop is 30mm with flat edges
- Rolo chain links are 5.7mm wide
- Style #: 805MM

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