Met Gala 2024: The Men Take This One

Met Gala 2024: The Men Take This One

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Every year, we, the armchair Anna Wintours’, prepare for the most important weekend in May – the Met Gala. The theme was “Garden of Time”, and we were ready to scrutinise.

The likes of Zendaya & Lana Del Rey always serving us the highs, whereas certain preparators' are crushing lows (we’re looking at you Rita Ora!); the Met is consistently a perfect opportunity for celebs to go all out in the name of fashion.

However, beyond dazzling gowns & captivating couture, there was a stream of impressive sunglasses hitting the green carpet. While fashion wise we’ve been giving props to the ladies, it was the men stealing the show here.


Bad Bunny, the genre-defying Latin rapper & co-chair of this year’s Gala, fully embraced the avant-garde in an architectural Kubroraum Z14 sunglass. The dichotomy between the whimsy of his soft, tailored suit and the futuristic lines of the frame allows for an alluring final look with the correct amount of edge.


In a seismic shift for Tom Ford, he chose to forego his own namesake brand for frames and instead donned a Jacques Marie Mage ENZO sunglass. An absolute staple of the collection, Mr Ford’s embracement of the brand speaks volumes of their growing domination in the spectacle space.  


Another win for Jacques Marie Mage came in the form of their muse, Jeff Goldblum. Sporting not one, but two RINGO frames on the carpet, Jeff continues to be cement his place as a fashion powerhouse – unafraid to exist outside the box.  

This RINGO model in the colourway Pixie is available here at

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